The Art of Handling Rejection: 5 Ways to Deal With Hearing “No”.

Whether you work in sales, are starting a new business, searching for a job, or simply looking for a date, rejection is a part of the game.  Learning how to handle rejection and use rejection to improve how you interact with the world is part of the human experience. Here are 5 ways to deal with rejection and change how you view rejection overall:

  1. Look for the lesson in the rejection. There may be tons of growth opportunity when it comes to rejection. Don’t miss out on a learning opportunity because you are too hurt to be honest with yourself.
  2. Ask for feedback. Asking for feedback is a great way to start to discern what criticism is for you and what isn’t. Remember, not all feedback is valid and some may be outright projections but being able to discern what is valuable feedback that you need to hear is a critical skill for your development. Hearing feedback can be tough but being able to hear feedback and leverage it towards your advantage will separate you from others.
  3. The type of relationship matters when it comes to the “No”. In pursuing relationships, “no” means “no”. In business, “no” could mean “not right now”. Knowing the difference is important in building trusting relationships and also in not missing a business opportunity because you took a not now “no” as a definite “no”. Analyze the type of relationship and act accordingly.
  4. Relationships Above Everything (RAE). Relationships are everything and are above everything. If you hear “no” and it may jeopardize the relationship to push for the “yes”, respect the “no” and move on. By deepening the relationship and building trust you may be able to revisit the situation in the future and ask for the opportunity again.
  5. Rejection in no way is a reflection of who you are or your value. At the end of the day, rejection is a part of life and in no way is it a reflection of your value. We all take losses and many times those losses make us better. Don’t take it personal, learn the lessons life presents to you and move forward with that new knowledge.